2021 Adult NMI Missions Books

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EuNC on Mission by Klaus Arnold

The story of European Nazarene College (EuNC) is like ripples on the water when a change transforms the still waters to waves that move ever outward. The changes that have occurred in EuNC have created a significant ripple-effect, circles of holy influence, carrying the best of EuNC to the furthest points of its educational region. As you will discover, what began as one school for many nations has become one school in many nations.

Gospel Over the Andes by Roger Winans, Edited by R. Alfred Swain

Gospel Over the Andes, originally written by Roger Winans, is a moving story of a missionary who would not forsake his calling.


This book is an expansion of the story of the Church of the Nazarene in Peru, updated by R. Alfred Swain, a missionary who followed in the footsteps of Roger Winans. Swain brings the story of the Church of the Nazarene up to date, and demonstrates that Christ over the Andes continues to be the call and practice of the Church of the Nazarene in Peru.

The Greening by R. Franklin Cook and Steve Weber

R. Franklin Cook and Steve Weber, original authors of The Greening, have revisited the original text and brought it up to date with the amazing developments in Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in recent years.


So many participate in compassionate ministries through local churches around the world and through faithfully supporting NCM, making it possible to do the seemingly impossible in a world continually faced with disasters and challenges to human dignity. Thank you for the part you play in GREENING!

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