Worshiping Jesus is a core activity in our KFCN community. We are finding ways to change how we worship as we are contantly reminded about God's faithfulness and why we worship.

Sundays at 10:45am we have several options:

  • Worship at our KFCN facility in the Family Life Center where we can spread out and easily manage cleaning.
  • We also have families meeting in a home group in Karns
  • And you can access our service from your home on our page.

Missions and Service

KFCN is affiliated with the global Church of the Nazarene and that means we are actively engaged in ministry around the world. We also support our East Tennessee and local Knoxville community.

The focus of global ministry is to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of communities accross the globe, and protect those who are vulnerable to abuse and traffiking.

  • Praying and giving in support of medical and pastoral missionaries
  • Making Crisis Care Kits used to provide basic needs to people in emergencies all arount the world.
  • Making School Pal Packs for children to help them have a good start at school.
  • Making Wlcome Baby Gift Sets for mothers giving birth at the Nazarene hospital in Paupa New Guinea

Local Compassionate Ministries - 


Discipleship happens when two or more are committed to prayer, Bible study, accountability, and fellowship in everyday life. At KFCN we emphasize discipleship as a daily activty between parents and children, spouces, and friends. We value the contribution made by al ages.

  • Small groups take place throughout the week in homes and at our KFCN facility.
  • 9:45am on Sundays
    • Adult Sunday School class at KFCN. Children stay with their family.
    • At our Karns home church gathering parents and children have Sunday School together.

At KFCN....

We laugh and cry together, rejoice and grieve together,

grow together and walk in faith together. 

We aim to be a family for all who love Jesus, the NAZARENE.

We are honored to take our place among those who are called Christians.


We give people opportunities to put their faith into action

through various avenues of service.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 32063
Knoxville, TN 37930


Physical Address:

538 Vanosdale Rd
Knoxville, Tennessee 37909